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22. ročník HUSTOPEČSKÉHO SKÁKÁNÍ, 5.2.2022, memoriál Heleny Rezkové-Hübnerové


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24.1.2019Baker is coming back to Hustopeče

The list of the men"s competitors at Hustopečské Skákání was just update does British high jumper Chris Baker, who can be remembered for his breathtaking fight with Italian Gianmarco Tamberi in 2016. At that time he created his absolute PB of 236 cm. After a not very successful last season, he would like to go off to a good start here and especially get himself to Glasgow European Indoor Championship.

13.1.2019Jaroslav Baba is the record-breaker in the number

Looking back at Hustopece High Jump meeting 1999 – 2018 (part 1) In the previous 19 years of Hustopeče High Jump meeting, audience could see 114 men and 106 women from all over the worldin aseniorgroup A. Undoubtedly, the most of them were the competitors from Czech Republic. For instance, Jaroslav Bába hasn’t attended only 4 meetings out of 19 which makes him the absolute record-breaker in the number of starts at Hustopeče.

24.1.2019The High Jump legend I. Babakova is coming

Another High Jump legend is coming to Hustopeče. As a coach of the Austrian high jumpers, the former World Champion Inge Babakova will be presented the Youth and B competitions on Saturday afternoon. This Lithuanian athlete originally represented the Soviet Union and later Ukraine.

14.1.2019The historical medal ranking is dominated by Uchov

Looking back at Hustopece High Jump meeting 1999 – 2018 (part 2) It seems almost unbelievable that during 19 years of the meeting Hustopečské skákání we could have seen the winning of in total 35 men and 33 women from 18 countries all over the world.

24.1.2019Levern Spencer will attack the historic primacy

She has competed for 4 years in Hustopeče. The last two starts in 2016 and 2018 she turned into a victory and thous she became one of the world best woman high jumper similar to Svetlana Shkolina, Ariane Friedrich, Zuzana Hlavoňová or Alessia Trost, who managed to triumph twice at this prestigious meeting.

21.1.2019The history of the High Jump discipline

This discipline does not appear in ancient Antique games, but these competitions were ordinary for Celtic tribes. The High Jump has more than a century-old tradition as a modern sport discipline. The first competitions were organized in England in 1840 and the rules were introduced in 1865 when each competitor had three jumps allowed at each altitude. The first remarkable performance was recorded in 1867, when H. Gooch jump an overwhelming height 167.6 cm. A significant improvement was made by using a new method -the "scissors" technique. It was performed by William Page in 1877, who jumped 193 centimeters using that. In 1912, George Horine joins the athletic world. With his new style, which was named the Western roll, he conquers a height of 200 cm for the first time.

16.1.2019Michaela Hrubá in Hustopeče as well as in Třinec

The Press release (15.1.2019) A great news came to Hustopeče and Třinec. Currently, the best Czech woman high jumper Michaela Hrubá confirmed that is going to be in "Hustopečské skákání" on Saturday, January 26th, 2019, as well as in Třinec on Tuesday, January 29th. Along with her, another two excellent women high jumpers will be presented to the audience in the Hustopeče Hall and the Werk Arena in Třinec.

15.1.2019Moravia once again host the world best high jumper

The two of the most important high jump meetings in the Czech Republic Hustopečské Skákání (20th anniversary) and Beskydská laťka in Třinec (27th year) will once again host the world best high jumpers in the series called Agrotec HIGH JUMP GRAND PRIX Třinecké železárny Moravia Steel 2019. Both events are among the best specialized athletic meetings in the world.

14.1.2019The Russian and British athletes are prevailing

Looking back at Hustopece High Jump meeting 1999 – 2018 (part 3) It seems almost unbelievable that during 19 years of the meeting Hustopčské Skákání the audience in the city sports hall could have seen in total 220 athletes from 47 countries all over the world (Fun fact: M. Skotnik once represented Germany and later France after changing of his Nationality).