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22. ročník HUSTOPEČSKÉHO SKÁKÁNÍ, 5.2.2022, memoriál Heleny Rezkové-Hübnerové


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24.1.2015Gold to Trost, Silver to Beitia

Now we know the name of the winner of the 16th Hustopečské skákání – Alessia Trost. The winning height this year was 196 cm. “It was great, I was injured for a while so coming back was not easy” said the 21-year-old Italian.

24.1.2015Marco Fassinotti won, Protsenko is silver

Surprising. And surprising the Men A competition was indeed. The main Men category kicked off at 19.00. The Italian record holder Marco Fassinotti claimed the golden medal with 234 cm.

29.1.20152015 Hustopečské skákání on CT Sport

2015 Hustopečské skákání on CT Sport. Enjoy a 50 min footage from the prestigious high jump event.

23.1.2015Autograph session

The stars of the 2015 Hustopečské skákání were giving out autographs in the City sports hall at 11 AM today, they were greeted by a seemingly never-ending line of fans.

23.1.2015Official greeting by the Mayor of Hustopeče

The mayor of Hustopeče Hana Potměšilová officially welcomed Jesse Williams, James Harris and the meeting’s ambassador Šárka Kašpárková to Hustopeče.

22.1.2015ČT4 2014 Hustoopečské skákání broadcast

Would you like to see how our jumpers fared last year? Have a look at the broadcast ČT4 recorded last year.

21.1.2015Ukhov and Shkolinova not coming to Hustopeče

Ukhov and Shkolinova are not coming to Hustopeče this Saturday. "We are truly sorry, but both Ukhov and Shkolinova fell sick with high fevers and are unable to jump in Hustopeče" said Voronkov, their manager.

20.1.201511th Moravia High Jump Tour

Recent jumps of our 2015 Hustopečské skákání participants are very promising.


Here are the athletes coming to the Hustopečské skákání 2015. How high are their high jump records and how do they feel about the atmosphere here in Hustopeče?

12.1.2015J. Williams and Trost added

The first meeting of the 11th Moravia High Jump Tour in Hustopeče secured more top athletes for the Hustopečské skákání meeting on 23rd January 2015.