Hustopečské skákání
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22. ročník HUSTOPEČSKÉHO SKÁKÁNÍ, 5.2.2022, memoriál Heleny Rezkové-Hübnerové



The main men"s competition started with a opening ceremonial shortly after half past seven in the evening. Fourteen competitors, accompanied by children from the Hustopece athletics team with their national flags, introduced themselves to the Hustopece audience and threw this year’s T-shirts with the graphics of "Hustopecske Skakani"  into the crowd.

Even at the opening height, the spectators created an incredible atmosphere in the sports hall. The only hesitation was the third attempt by the Paralympian Roderick Townsend from the USA, which, however, he managed to overcome and could continue with the others.

Similarly, Edgar Rivera from Mexico and Fabian Delryd from Sweden had difficulties at 211 centimetres, but they could also fight for further results after successful third attempts.

All the remaining competitors entered the competition at the height 216 cm where American Townsend attempted to overcome the World Paralympian record. Unfortunately, he was not successful and had to leave the competition field along with Tihomir Ivanov from Bulgaria.

At the height 220 cm Swedish high jumper Fabian Delryd had to leave the competition and he was followed by Andrijus Glebauskas from Lithuania and the darling of Hustopeče audience Edgar Rivera (who was there for the 5th time this year already) at the height of 224 cm.

However, both Czech representatives, Marek Bahník and Jan Štefela, showed great performances at this height, who jumped it on the first attempt with a great reserve. The American "amphibian" and the dark horse of this year Ju Vaughn Harrison from the USA managed the same.

From the height 230 cm the competition continued without Fernando Ferreira from Brazil, without the Czech representatives and also almost without the bar which Jan Štefela wanted to angrily break in half after his failed attempt.

Sanghyeok Woo broke the Korean national record twice, first at a height of 228 cm, then at the 232 cm. Favourite Ilya Ivanyuk dropped at the height 232 cm.

After a series of variously deferred jumps, the competition continued at the 234 centimetres, where the new Korean record holder Woo, Andriy Protsenko from Ukraine, Luis Enrique Zayas from Cuba and Ju Vaughn Harrison from the USA jumped again.

However, only Woo jumped over 234 cm and asked to raise the bar by another two centimetres. He also overcome this height with his third attempt and for the third time improved not only the Korean national record, but also his personal best, even by as much as 13 centimetres! A hell of a noise broke loose in the sports hall, and although the winning high jumper still had enough strength, he decided not to continue the competition further.

The whole Saturday program ended with the famous icing on the cake.