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22. ročník HUSTOPEČSKÉHO SKÁKÁNÍ, 5.2.2022, memoriál Heleny Rezkové-Hübnerové



Hustopečské Skákání Agrotec 2022 will be hosting a special guest


This year Hustopečské Skákání Agrotec 2022 is for the first time a part of the World Indoor Tour series as a bronze meeting. This means greater prestige for the race, more points in the world rankings and greater interest of leading competitors to jump in Hustopeče, but also more work for the organizers. The technical delegate of the World Athletics Federation (formerly the IAAF), Mr. Roberto Grava, will ensure that everything is as set out in the rules of this tour in Hustopeče.

Can you introduce yourself to us?

"My name is Roberto Grava, I am 55 years old and I have been working for an international office since 2014. I live in Treviso, Italy, which is close to Venice.’’

What is your task as a technical delegate of this type of meetings?

"Briefly, the main duty of an appointed technical delegate is to check that the meeting is hold exactly according to the rules. The technical delegate usually does not intervene in the organisation unless he sees something incorrect. It is obvious that he is available to answer any technical questions, if necessary, in order to cooperate on any matters relating to the competition. We know that the organizers of the meeting are usually very skilful and can do their job and do not need any support".

What is your schedule for your visit in Hustopeče?

"I usually try to arrive a few hours before the event to make a small visit to the venue, auxiliary zones, anti-doping rooms, training zones and the hotel where the athletes are accommodated. Then the meeting with LOC should be scheduled, where they should be able to give me some technical information e.g. venue characteristics, the number of spectators, certifications, available tools, media information: print details, TV schedule, or online streaming program. Finally, I like to know the precise time schedule, list of registered athletes, their transfers, hotel program and so on. Then, if possible, I would like to meet with local referees to share any comments on the work in the field. And this is how I plan to spend my time in Hustopeče as well".

You also have a special role during doping controls, don’t you?

"Yes, as soon as the doping control delegate arrives, I have to meet with him / her, because it is my duty to choose who will go to the doping control and from which competition or place. This means we usually do not say exact names of athletes who are going for the doping control but only categories and rankings in the results list".